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change for the better/ progress over a period of time.


Anything we earn for living is called income 

National Income 

Total income earned by the residents of a country during a particular year.

Per Capita Income

It is the average income of people of a country during a particular year.

Literacy  Rate

This is the total  percentage of the  population of an  area at a particular time aged 7  years or above,  who can read and  write with understanding at least  one language. 

Infant Mortality Rate 

The number of  infant deaths for every 1,000 live births. 

Life Expectancy

It shows the average  expected length of life of a person at the time of  birth. 

Net Attendance Ratio

Refers to the total number of children in the age group 14 and 15 years attending school as a percentage of the total number of children in the same age group

Gross Enrolment Ratio

It shows enrolment ratio  in primary schools, secondary schools and in  higher education.  (iii) Per Capita Income.

Human Development 

It means the development of an individual through raising the level of their well-being to lead a purposeful and creative life. 

Body Mass Index 

BMI is calculated to assess the nutritional and health status of adults.

Sustainable Development 

It refers to the development that aims to maintain the quality of life of both- the present and future generations without harming natural resources and the environment.

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