• The denudation of the soil cover and subsequent washing down is described as soil erosion.
  • Human activities like deforestation , overgrazing , construction and mining on the other hand natural forces like Wind , glacier and water also lead to soil erosion.
  • The running water cuts through the clayey soils and makes deep channels as Gullies.
  • The land which becomes unfit for cultivation is termed as Bad land.
  • In Chambal basin bad land is termed as ravines.
  • When water flows as a sheet over large areas down a slope , in such cases the top of the soil is washed away. This is known as Sheet erosion.
  • Wind blowing loose soil off flat or sloping land is known as wind erosion .
  • Defective measures of farming also lead to soil erosion .
  • Ploughing in the wrong way and quick flow of wate r leads to soil erosion.

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