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What will be the formula and electron dot structure of cyclopentane?



Cyclopentane is 

CYCLOPENTANE - Teachoo.jpg

  • a 5 carbon (pent) compound, 
  • in a cyclic (ring) structure (cyclo)
  • with single bonded carbons(-ane).

Let’s draw it’s electron dot structure

  • To draw its electron dot structure, we will first draw the electron dot structures of 5 carbon atoms, in a ring. 
  • Each carbon atom must have 4 more electrons to complete its octet .
  • Now, each carbon atom is surrounded by two other carbon atoms.
  • Each of the two carbon atoms can share two of their electrons with the neighboring atom, and complete its octet. 
  • The same logic is followed by each atom in the ring.

Its electron dot structure will hence look like:


And the formula for cyclopentane is: C 5 H 10

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