What would be the electron dot structure of a molecule of sulfur which is made up of eight atoms of sulfur? ( Hint - The Eight atoms of sulfur are joined together in the form of a ring.) 



Sulfur, like carbon, has catenation tendencies, that means, that it tends to link to itself

Thus, it combines with itself to form the S 8 molecule in the shape of a ring .

Let’s look at how that happens

Sulfur has 4 valence electrons.  

  • Each Sulfur atom will hence need 4 more electrons to complete its octet.
  • Since the 8 atoms form a ring, each sulfur atom will be surrounded by two other sulphurs on each side. 
  • So each of the 2 sulfur atoms can share 2 electrons each with the neighboring

 sulfur, completing its octet.

The sulfur molecule (S 8 ) has the structure given below:


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