Describe the addition reaction of carbon compounds with its application. State the function of catalyst in this reaction. How this reaction is different from a substitution reaction?



Addition reaction involves the addition of atoms like H over double or triple bonds . This occurs in the presence of a catalyst such as nickel or palladium.

One of its applications is to convert vegetable oil (unsaturated) to vegetable ghee(saturated) and the process is known as hydrogenation since hydrogen atoms are added.

The reaction that takes place is:

Reaction of converting unsaturated oil to saturated oil

Reaction of converting unsaturated oil to saturated oil - Teachoo.png


The role of catalyst in this reaction is to fasten the speed of reaction.

Substitution reaction

Addition reaction

In substitution reaction, an atom or a group of atoms of a compound are replaced by some other atom or group of atoms 

In addition reaction , atoms are added over double or triple bonds.







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