What is methane? Draw its electron dot structure. Name the type of bonds formed in this compound. Why are such compounds: (i) poor conductors of electricity and (ii) have low melting and boiling points? What happens when this compound burns in oxygen?



Methane (CH 4 ) is a highly flammable colorless gas which is produced on decomposition of vegetation naturally in marshlands . It is a saturated hydrocarbon (alkane) and also the simplest hydrocarbon.

Electron dot structure:

Electron dot structure of Methane - Teachoo.png

All the bonds present in methane are covalent bonds which are formed by sharing of electrons.

  1. Such compounds are poor conductors of electricity because these are covalent compounds formed by sharing of electrons so there is no free electron available to conduct electricity.
  2. They have low melting and boiling point because covalent compounds and l ow force of attraction between two atoms so less energy is required to break the bonds.

When methane is burned in air, complete combustion takes place and CO 2 gas is produced. The reaction is as follows:

Combustion of Methane Equation - Teachoo.png

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