Read the given text and answer the following questions:

Ever since humans appeared on the earth, they have used different means of communication. But, the pace of change, has been rapid in modern times. Long distance communication is far easier without physical movement of the communicator or receiver. Personal communication and mass communication including television, radio, press, films, etc. are the major means of communication in the country. The Indian postal network is the largest in the world. It handles parcels as well as personal written communications. Cards and envelopes are considered first-class mail and are airlifted between stations covering both land and air. The second-class mail includes book packets, registered newspapers and periodicals. They are carried by surface mail, covering land and water transport. To facilitate quick delivery of mails in large towns and cities, six mail channels have been introduced recently. They are called Rajdhani Channel, Metro Channel, Green Channel, Business Channel, Bulk Mail Channel and Periodical Channel.

12.3 Analyse the significance of communication for a nation. 


The world today is a global village . Communication has a major role to play in that.

  •  It has brought all regions in a nation close and all nations in the world closer
  • Without a well developed communication infrastructure, no nation can assume an important position on the globe. 
  • In recent times, we saw how a pandemic shut the entire world and confined people to their homes. It is only due to communication that people are working from the comfort of their homes , even for companies from different countries. 
  • It won’t be wrong to say that communication is the fuel on which the present world runs.



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