‘There is an overwhelming support for the idea of democracy in South Asia.’
Support the statement with examples.


Despite any shortcomings that we might witness in a democratic model of governance, it is still the most preferred form of government all over the world including South Asia. Some reasons for this are given below: 

  •  People have the right to choose who governs them through regular elections. 
  •  The elected government is answerable to the people and to ensure its stability, has to deliver on its promises.
  •  Democracy ensures transparency.   
  • It accommodates diversity and promotes inclusion and equality. It gives an equal chance of participation to all the citizens. 
  •  An important pillar of democracy is ensuring the dignity and freedom of people.  
  •  The true power lies with people
  •  Lastly, democracy has proven to be a better model than dictatorship, aristocracy, or any other form of governance.




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