Democracy’s ability to generate its own support is itself an outcome that cannot be ignored.’ Support the statement with examples. 



Democracy is the most popular form of government as it allows people to participate in the process of electing their leaders, who run the country in their name. This right to choose gives people a sense of power which garners great support for democracy .  The system in itself is such that it is preferred by the masses over other forms of rule like dictatorship or military rule. Some other features of democracy that make it generate support for itself are given below:

  • Accountability : it produces a government that is accountable to the citizens, and responsive to the needs and expectations of the citizens.
  • Transparency : . People have the right and the means to examine the process of decision making. This is known as transparency. This factor is often missing from a non-democratic government.
  • Democracy ensures political equality , each voter has the same value, irrespective of his/her background.

Other points:

  • Inclusion : Democracy accommodates social diversity. It ensures people from diverse backgrounds are included in all walks of life. Their rights are protected by law.
  • Right to Information : People can keep a check on the workings of the government by asking questions and seeking information about any matter.



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