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Gas A, found in the upper layers of the atmosphere, is a deadly poison but is essential for all living beings. The amount of this gas started declining sharply in the 1980s.

a. Identify Gas A. How is it formed at higher levels of the atmosphere?

b. Why is it essential for all living beings? State the cause for the depletion of this gas.


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Name of Gas

Ozone Gas O 3

How formed

We know that Oxygen is present in atmosphere

It is broken down because of Ultraviolet rays of sun to form free Oxygen Molecules

O 2 ----->O + O

These free oxygen react with Oxygen gas to form Ozone

O 2 +O---->O 3


Why Essential

Ozone layer helps to prevent us from harmful ultraviolet radiaton from the sun


Why is it Depleting

It is depleting due to the use of Chlorofluorocarbon (CFC) which is used in Refrigerators, Air Conditioners and Fire extinguishers





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