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Two pea plants - one with round yellow seeds (RRYY) and another with wrinkled green (rryy) seeds produce F1 progeny that have round, yellow (RrYy) seeds.

When F1 plants are self-pollinated, which new combination of characters is expected in F2 progeny? How many seeds with these new combinations of characters will be produced when a total 160 seeds are produced in F2 generation? Explain with reason.


According to Mendels Law of Dihybrid Inheritance and Law of Independent Inheritance

If 2 pairs of contrasting charactertics were cross bred by self pollination

In F1 Generation,plants with dominant traits are produced

Dominant traits are round shpe and yellow color which are produced in our case

In F2 Gnration,different combinations of shape and color are obtained in the ratio of 9:3:3:1

F2 progeny, different combinations of shape and color [Recovered]-01.jpg

Trait Ratio No of Seeds
Round yellow 9 9/16*160=90
Round green 3 3/16*160=30
Wrinkled yello 3 3/16*160=30
Wrinkle Green 1 1/16*160=10
Total 16 160


In this case, following are new combination of characters (new traits(

  • Round green 30
  • Wrinkled yellow 30

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