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In an asexually reproducing species, if a trait X exists in 5% of a population and trait Y exists in 70% of the same population, which of the two trait is likely to have arisen earlier? Give reason.


In asexual reproduction, DNA is copied as it is from one generation to another, there is no mating or mixing of genes.

  • Asexual reproduction results in offspring with identical genetic information.
  • There is very l ittle genetic variation between parent and offspring
  • It takes large amount of time for different trait to develop i n case of asexual reproduction

Asexual Reproduction in Organisms-01.jpg

Hence, if a trait exist in 70% of population, it would have arisen earlier as it would have been replicated over more number of generations

Trait which exist in only 5% of population would have arisen much later and replicated over less number of generations

Hence, trait Y is likely to have arisen earlier .

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