Rajesh observed a patch of greenish black powdery mass on a stale piece of bread.

a. Name the organism responsible for this and its specific mode of asexual reproduction.

b. Name its vegetative and reproductive parts.



rhizopus fungus.jpg

The greenish black powdery mass on a stale piece of bread is due to a fungus called Rhizopus

  • It is commonly known as bread mould and it reproduces by spore formation.
  • Ferns and mosses also reproduce using the same method.


Bread mould fungus has 2 main parts

Bread Mould- Spore Formation-01.jpg


  • These are white thread like projections
  • They are vegetative part of fungus


  • These are tiny blob like structures ,They contain hundred of minutes spores
  • They are the reproductive parts of plant


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