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a. Trace the path a male gamete takes to fertilise a female gamete after being released from the penis.


We know that Male Gamete(sex cells) are called Sperm

  • It enters female body through vagina
  • From vagina, it moves towards uterus
  • From uterus, it moves towards Fallopian tube (oviducts)
  • It fertilizes the egg in Fallopian tube
  • Hence ,path followed by Sperm

Fertilisation- Path of the Male Gamete-01.jpg

b. State the number of sets of chromosomes present in a zygote.


A zygote is a single cell that is a result of fertilisation between the male and the female gamete .

A Zygote contains 2 sets of 23 chromosomes (Total 46 Chromosomes)

Fertilisation of Human Gametes-01.jpg

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