It is new scheme of Poverty Alleviaton

As per this Scheme,instead of giving diffeent benefitsand subsidies to poor through various schemes

Money is transferred direclty to bank account of Poor\


Money reach Poor directly and quickly\

There is less chances of corruption as there is no middleman

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Why Govt Shifting to Direct Money Transfer Schemes for Poverty Alleviation - Teachoo.JPG

Example of Direct Benefit Transfer Scheme Of Indian Government - Teachoo.JPG

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Why Govt Shifting to Direct Money Transfer Schemes for Poverty Alleviation Traditional Schemes Money and Benefits given to Poor through Agency Govt Agency Poor Example Public Distribution System (Free Ration Scheme) Middleman Stealing Food from PDS Scheme of Govt Problems Lot of Corruption and Middlemen Benefit of scheme do not reach poor Tax Payers Money Wasted Direct Benefit Transfer Schemes Money and benefits given to Poor Directly Govt Example Direct Benefit Transfer Scheme (Govt Benefit Transferred to Bank A/c of Poor Directly) No Middleman No Corruption Benefits Money Reach poor directly Less chances of Corruption Taxpayers money Utilized Properly

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