Poor People are those which are suffering from poverty and are not able to meet their basic necessities

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They suffer from problems like:

1. Malnutrition and Starvation

They are not able to afford even 2 meals a day

2 .Illiteracy

They do not even have basic literacy and are not able to read and write

Hence, they have very little economic opportunities

3. Disease

Many suffer from ill health due to lack of sanitation and proper hygiene

4. Gender inequality

Poor women suffer discrimination and do not get proper food and education

Children born are also weak and less likely to survive


5. Indebtedness

Many borrow money from private moneylenders who charge high rate of interest

Most of their earning is spend on paying this interest and hence they remain indebted for ever

Because of these problems, poor suffer from Poverty Trap

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Poor in Rural Areas vs Poor in Urban Areas

1. Poor in Rural Areas

They have no or very little lands

They either work as landless labourers or as tenant cultivators

They also do lot of non agricultural jobs in villages like rearing sheep or livestock


2. Urban Poor

Many poor from villages migrate to cities during off season

They work as laborer's at construction sites

Many of them also are self employed and sell vegetables and fruits at road side or work as rickshaw pullers

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NCERT Questions

Question 9

Illustrate the difference between rural and urban poverty.

Is it correct to say that poverty has shifted from rural to urban areas?

Use the trends in poverty ratio to support your answer.

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MCQ Other Books

Question 1

In the following questions, select the correct answers:

Which of the following is a characteristic of poor people?

  1. Poor Health
  2. Smaller Families
  3. Debt Trap
  4. Gender Inequality
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Question 2

What is the main reason of poverty in India in urban areas?

  1. Lack of professional education
  2. Unequal distribution of income
  3. Lack of family planning of income facilities
  4. Money inflation
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Who are Poor POVERTY It is a Condition where People are not able to meet basic needs Example Health Education Shelter POOR They are the People who suffer from Poverty and not able to meet basic necessities Problems of Poor People Starvation Disease illiteracy Lack of Pucca Houses Problems of Poor People THE POVERTY TRAP Shortage of Money Can't Afford Proper Diet Proper Hygiene, Drinking Water Proper Education Take Money from Moneylenders Income earned goes to pay interest No Money left for women and children health education Effect  Become weak  Suffer from Disease, Die Early  Don’t get proper Jobs, Earn Less  They charge High Interest Die Early(High Mortality Rate) Different Types of Poor Rural Poor Poor living in Villages Poor living in Town and Cities They work as Landless Labour Do sheap Rearing Handicraft Poultry They work as Labour in Construction Sites Sells Fruits, Vegetables etc Operate Rickshaw Sell Tea and Snacks Different Type of Landless Labour in Rural Areas Option 1 Rich Farmer Gives Land to Poor Farmer on Rent Land Gives Rent Rich Farmer Has Land Poor Farmer No Land Option 2 Rich Farmer Employs poor Farmer to work for Him Rich Farmer Labour Service Poor Farmer Rural Areas Rich Farmer Gives Land to Poor Farmer on Rent Land Gives Rent Rich Farmer Has Land Poor Farmer No Land Rich Farmer Employs poor Farmer to work for Him Job(Labor Service) Rich Farmer Employs Poor Farmer Poor Farmer Works for him Different Work of Rural Poor Landless Labour (Farming) Sheep Rearing Handicrafts Poultry Who are Urban Poor Rural Poor come to cities during off season and become urban poor Rural Poor Work in Villages Farms Main Work at the time of Sowing Seeds, Cutting Crops During Remaining period Not much work Migrate to Cities (Become Urban poor) Construction Labour Vegetable Seller

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