If tan −1 x = y, then:

(a) −1 < y < 1               (b) (-π)/2 y ≤ π/2

(c) (-π)/2 < y < π/2      (d) y ∈ {(-π)/2,π/2}




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Question 36 If tanβˆ’1 x = y, then: (a) βˆ’1 < y < 1 (b) (βˆ’πœ‹)/2 ≀ y ≀ πœ‹/2 (c) (βˆ’πœ‹)/2 < y < πœ‹/2 (d) y ∈ {(βˆ’πœ‹)/2,πœ‹/2}y = tanβˆ’1 x We know that tan x is not defined at x = (βˆ’πœ‹)/2, and x = πœ‹/2 Thus, Range of tanβˆ’1 π‘₯ excludes (βˆ’πœ‹)/2 and πœ‹/2 So, the correct answer is (C)

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