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Class 12
Solutions of Sample Papers and Past Year Papers - for Class 12 Boards

For matrix A = [8(2 5 -11 7)], (adj A)’ is equal to

(a) [8(2 5 -11 7)]Β  Β  (b) [8(7 5 11 2)]
(c) [8(7 11 -5 2)] Β Β  (d) [8(7-5 11 2)]



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Question 15 For matrix A = [β– 8(2&5@βˆ’11&7)], (adj A)’ is equal to (a) [β– 8(2&5@βˆ’11&7)] (b) [β– 8(7&5@11&2)] (c) [β– 8(7&11@βˆ’5&2)] (d) [β– 8(7&βˆ’5@11&2)] A =[β– 8(2&5@βˆ’11&7)] Now, adj A = [β– 8(2&5@βˆ’11&7)] =[β– 8(πŸ•&βˆ’πŸ“@𝟏𝟏&𝟐)] Thus, (adj A)’ = [β– 8(7&11@βˆ’5&2)] So, the correct answer is (C)

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