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Ex 10.5, 10 - If circles are drawn taking two sides of - Ex 10.5

  1. Chapter 10 Class 9 Circles
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Ex 10.5, 10 If circles are drawn taking two sides of a triangle as diameters, prove that the point of intersection of these circles lie on the third side Given: Δ ABC Side AB as diameter for circle C1 & side AC as diameter for C2 Point of intersection of C1 & C2 is A & D To prove: Point of intersection lies in 3rd side, i.e., D lies on BC. Construction: Let us join AD Proof Now, ∠ ADB + ∠ ADC = 90° + 90° = 180° Since the sum of angles is 180° , they form a linear pair. Linear pair can only happen on a line. Therefore, BDC is a line. ⇒ D lies on the line segment BC. Hence proved

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