What we have studied till now is that
In Normal Charge, Seller deposits GST to  government
and in Reverse Charge, Buyer deposits GST to  government
Sometimes, in Reverse Charge, third Person also deposits GST to  government

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Service Provided by OLA/Uber
Suppose a customer  books a cab of Ajay Taxi Service through OLA app
In this case,
Service Provider is Ajay Taxi Service
Service Receiver is Customer
GST is deposited in this case by neither Ajay Taxi Service or Customer
It is deposited by OLA in this case under Reverse Charge
Suppose customer pays OLA 100 ,OLA Deducts 20 commission and pays balance 80 
In this case, Reverse charge is applicable on whole 100 Collected from customer @ 5%


Section 9(5) Service Provided by OLA/UBER As per Section 9(5) OLA Pays Reverse Charge on this Transaction on Amount Collected from Customer @ 5% GST payable = 5% of 100 = 5 OLA Taxi Operator (Service Provider) Who Pays Reverse Charge Customer (Service Receiver) Service Pays Rs 100 Pays Rs 80 Pays 5% of Rs 100 to the government as Reverse Charge teachoo.com

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