For Sales, Normally there are 2 types of  Bill books in GST
  • Tax Invoice
  • Bill of Supply
Tax Invoice is issued if tax charged on bill
Example-GST Rate is 18%/12%/5%
Bill of Supply is issued if no tax on bill
Example-GST Rate is 0%/ Exempted or Invoice of Composition Dealer
For export, some time no tax charged, but still Tax Invoice issued

tax invoice and bill of supply.jpg



Sample Tax Invoice

tax invoice.jpg

Sample Bill of Supply

  1. gst-bill-of-supply.jpg

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Types of Invoices under GST Tax Invoice All types of Taxable sales Common Bill book for 1. Local Sales 2. Interstate Sales 3. Export Sales Bill of Supply For All types of Exempt Sales + Nil Rated Sales + Sale by Composition Dealer

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