There are normally following Invoices in GST
  1. Tax Invoice
  2. Bill of Supply
  3. Revised Invoice
  4. Receipt Voucher
  5. Refund Voucher
  6. Payment Voucher
  7. Delivery challan


Type of Invoice                             When Used
Tax Invoice Issued for Taxable Sales
Bill of Supply Issued for Nil Rated/Exempted/Composition Sales
Revised Invoice Issued for Credit Note/Debit Note
Receipt Voucher Issued in case we Receive Advance from Customer
Refund Voucher In case we need  to Refund Advance to Customer
Payment Voucher In case of Payment to a Party on which Reverse Charge is applicable
Delivery Challan Issued in case transaction is not sale
Example  Branch Transfer within State or Goods send to Job worker etc.



Types of Invoices under GST Tax Invoice Bill of Supply Amount CGST SGST Total XX XX XX XX Amount XX Total XX If Tax on Bill Tax Invoice If No Tax on Bill Bill of Supply Example Example Local Taxable Sales Interstate Taxable Sales Export Sales Composition Sales Nil Rate/Exempted Sales

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