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They calculate GST Payable by deducting Input from Output




GST Payable

They calculate GST Payable by Paying Tax on Sales at Lower rate

They do not take Input



GST Payable

Their some returns are Monthly (Like GSTR3B)

while Others Can be Monthly or Quarterly



They do not have Quarterly Returns

They file Quarterly CMP-08


Annual GSTR4


They can make Interstate Sales as well as local Sales

They cannot make Interstate Sales. 

They can only sell within state

Higher Rate of tax is applicable


Rates of tax are lower

For Traders 1%

For Manufacturers  2% 1% from 1 jan 2018

For Restaurants 5%

Service Providers 6%

For Other Services N/A0

This scheme is available to all business


This scheme is available to business having turnover upto 1.5 cr

(Limit is 75 lacs in case of North Eastern States+Uttarakhand)




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