We know that in GST ,we have to deposit Challan and Return
If we deposit this late, we have to pay interest and late fees as shown below


Difference Between Interest and Late fees.jpg

Example 1

Suppose we did not do any business during the month,do we need to file challan and return?

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What if we filed it late?

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Example 2  

Suppose Output is 10000 and Input is 8000

Do we need to file challan or return?  

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Suppose we fill return late after due date, what do we have to pay Interest or late fees?

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What is Interest and Late fees? teachoo.com What is GST Challan It is a form to pay tax What is GST Return It is a form containing details of tax What is Interest If Challan filled late What is Late fees If Return filled Late We pay Interest We pay Late fees It is the amount we pay on paying tax late It is the amount we pay on filing return late What is Interest and Late fees?

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