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In Normal charge,
A pays GST To government. So it is Output
B gets ITC of this Purchase, So this is Input
In Reverse charge,
A does not pays GST To government. B pays directly So it is Output of  B not A
B gets ITC of this Purchase after payment ,So this is Input also
So we can say that In Reverse Charge, it is both Output and Input to the buyer
If it is both Output and Input, will we pay any GST to Government?
First we have to pay Reverse Charge Output
Only then we get Input After Payment
Suppose Output=18000
GST payable=18000  (and not 0)
GST Credit =18000 

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Is Reverse Charge Output or Input Normal Case Normal Case + Reverse charge Purchase 120000 + 6000 GST Sales 100000 + 5000 GST Sales 100000 + 5000 GST Also there is Reverse Charge bill of 4000 Rev Charge Output & Input =4000*5%=200 Purchase 120000 + 6000 GST ( 5% GST ) 5000 Output on Sales Input on Purchase GST Payable GST Credit 0 6000 1000 Output on Sales Output Reverse Charge Total input 6200 Total Output 200 5200 Input on Purchase 6000 Input Reverse Charge 200 5000 GST Payable 200 1200 GST Credit First we pay Reverse Charge Output 200 Then we adjust Balance Output and Total Input 5000 −6200 = 1200 Credit

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