Reverse Charge currently is applicable mostly on Services like 
Advocate Service, Goods Transport Service, Passenger Transport Service, Service by Director, Import of Service etc.
However ,it may be applicable on Purchase of Certain Agricultural goods like Cashewnuts, Tobacco, Bidi, Silk and lottery tickets
Comprehensive list is Provided below for your reference

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Reverse Charge is Normally applicable on following goods and service

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FOLLOWING ARE MAINLY COVERED IN REVERSE CHARGE LIST ADVOCATE(NOT CA) GTA IF RATE IS 5% OR 0% AND MORE THAN 750 (NOT 12%) IMPORT OF SERVICE(NOT GOODS) SECURITY GUARD(If Non Co) RENTING OF MOTOR VEHICLE (Cab Charges/PassengerTransport Charges) Any Service by Director SERVICES PROVIDED BY GOODS TRANSPORT AGENCY It Is Normally Covered In Reverse Charge And Gst Is Applicable AT 5% However,If GTA Charges 12%,Then Normal Charge Is Appliable And He Will Pay Gst Gst Is Exempt If Fregiht Charges Of One Consigment Is Upto 750 Or For Exempt Items Like Fruits And Vegetables Payment To GTA Means Payment To Person Who Is Having A Goods Transport Vehicle And Issuing Consignent Note It Does Not Include Three Wheelers And Rickshaws It Also Does Not Include Payment Of Transportation Charges To Vendors Of Goods REVERSE CHARGE LIST NAME OF SERVICE SERVICE PROVIDER SERVICE RECEIVER Import of Service (Service provided from Non-Taxable Territory) Foreign Party Indian Co Transport of Goods by Road(GTA) Goods Transport Agency Any person Registered Under CGST, UTGST, SGST Any Factory, Any Society/Cooperative Society Registered in India Any body corporate(Company) Any Partnership Firm Casual Taxable Person Advocate/Legal Service Advocate/Firm of Advocate Any business Entity Manpower Service Any Unregistered Person Registered Person Arbitrary Tribunal Advocate/Firm of Advocate Any business Entity Sponsorship Service Any Person Any body corporate(Company) or Partnership Service by Director Director Any body corporate(Company) Insurance Agent Service Insurance Agent Insurance Co Recovery Agent Service Recovery Agent Bank or Financial Institutions Ocean Freight(Transport of Goods by Vessel from place outside India to customs clearance in India) Foreign Party(Person located in Non-Taxable Territory) Importer Copyright Service related to literary, dramatic, musical, artistic work Author, music composer, photographer, artist Publisher, Music Com, Producer Radio Taxi Service,motorcab, maxicab and motor cycle Any person E Commerce Company Providing accommodation in hotels, inns, guest houses, clubs, campsites Any person except who is liable for registration CGST Act Services by way of house-keeping, such as plumbing, carpentering Any person except who is liable for registration CGST Act All Service by Government except Govt Business Entity Renting of Immovable Property Service by Department of Posts Service in Relation to Aircraft or vessel Service of Transport of Goods or Passengers RENTING OF MOTOR VEHICLE (Cab Charges/PassengerTransport Charges) Non company Company Reserve Bank Services Members of Overseeing Committee Reserve Bank of India Services supplied by individual Direct Selling Agents (DSAs) other than a body corporate Individual Direct Selling Agents A banking company or a non-banking financial company Services provided by Business Facilitato Business facilitator A banking company Services provided by an agent of Business Correspondent An agent of Business Correspondent A business correspondent Services of lending of securities under Securities Lending Scheme person who deposits the securities Person who borrows the securities an approved intermediary of SEBI Reverse Charge on Goods Description of supply of goods Supplier of goods Recipient of goods Cashew nuts, not shelled or peeled Agriculturist Any registered person Bidi wrapper leaves (tendu) Agriculturist Any registered person Tobacco leaves Agriculturist Any registered person Supply of lottery State Government, Union Territory or any local authority Lottery distributor or selling agent Silk yarn Any person who manufactures silk yarn from raw silk or silk worm cocoons for supply of silk yarn Any registered person

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