Who are Visually Impaired?

Those people who have decreased ability to see are called visually impaired people

Some people cannot see at all or some can see but not clearly

Some people are visually impaired by birth while others become visually impaired due to some accident

How do Visually Impaired People carry out their routine tasks

Develop Other Senses

They try to develop their other senses more sharply


They are able to recognize people and objects by touching or listening 


Use optical and Non Optical Aids

They use different optical and non optical aids to read and write



Example of Different Optical and Non Optical Aids for Visually Impaired



Non Optical  Aids

Aids Relating to Sight

Aids not directly related to sight


Contact Lens

Bifocal Lens


Telescopic Aids

Auditory Aids

Aids Related to Hearing 

Example - Audio CD,Cassettes,Talking Book

Tactual Aids

Aids which help in reading and writing

Example - Braille Water Slate,Stylus

Electronic Aids

It means those aids which work with help of electricity 

Example - Talking Calculator, Computer

Visual Aids

The magnify words and give proper intensity of light (so it is easy to read)


Braille System

It is a system by which visually challenged persons(blind persons) can read and write

It was developed by Louis Braille in 1821(he was himself visually challenged)

There are 2 vertical rows of 3 dots each.

There are 63 different dot patterns.

Each dot pattern represent different characters



Cat and Comma - teachoo.png

Different Braille Alphabets are

Braille Alphabets - Teachoo.png


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