It is almost like a sphere(almost round)

Its outer coat is white.

It is tough so that it can protect the interior of the eye from accidents.

The eye has many different parts like cornea,iris,pupil,lens,retina etc



Different Parts of Eyes


Outermost layer is called Cornea

It is transparent



Behind the cornea, there is dark muscular structure

It is called iris

The colour of the iris of different people is different.

Some have brown eyes,some black,some blue



In iris,there is a small opening called pupil



Behind the pupil,there is lens

Lens focuses light on the back of the eye on a layer

This is called retina



Layer on the back of the eye is called retina

Retina contains different nerve cells


Nerve Cells

There are 2 types of cells

  • Cones - They are sensitive to bright light.
  • Rods - They are sensitive to dim light

 Example-An owl can see easily during the night because it has more rods on its retina than cones

                Eagle(Day Bird) has more cones and fewer rods

Optic Nerve

Sensations felt by nerves are transmitted to the brain by optic nerve


Ciliary Muscle

It helps in changing shape of lens

This helps lens to focus

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