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Chapter 16 Class 8 - Light

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In this chapter, we will study - 

  • How do we see objects?
  • What are visible and invisible objects?
  • What are Luminous and Non-Luminous Objects?

  • and the Difference between them

  • What is Incident Ray, Reflected Ray and Normal
  • What is Angle of Incidence and Angle of Reflection
  • What are Laws of Reflection

  • Regular and Diffused Reflection

  • Image formed a Plane Mirror and its characteristics

  • What exactly is Lateral Inversion

  • Multiple Reflections of Light


    and its applications like Periscope

  • What is a Kaleidoscope


    How can we construct a Kaleidoscope

  • What is Dispersion of Light

  • The Human Eye - and its different parts

  • What is the function of Iris and Pupil?

  • What is a blind spot?

  • Other Important Points about Human Eye like Eyelids, Range of Vision, How do we see moving objects

  • What is Visual Impairment?

  • What is Braille System

  • How to take proper care of eyes?


In addition to this, we have also provided some Practice Problems - both 1 mark and 2+ Marks. They are in the Extra Question link given below.


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