Before we study Luminous and Non-Luminous objects, 

Let’s learn What are Visible and Invisible Objects and how we see objects

What are Visible and Invisible Objects?

Objects which we can see are called Visible Objects

Objects which we are not able to see are called Invisible Objects


Why are we able to see Objects?

When light from an object enters our EYE,we are able to see an object

This light may be emitted by object or may be reflected by It

What are Luminous and Non Luminous Objects?



Luminous Objects

If light is emitted by object,the object is called Luminous Object


Sun emits its own light

Other examples are Stars, Torch, Candle, Filament of a Bulb, Hot red Iron, Fireflies

Non Luminous or Illuminated Objects

Some objects do not have their own light, they reflect light of other objects

These objects are called Non Luminous Objects


Moon - Moon reflects the light from the sun

Other examples are Earth and other Planets, Paper, Tree



What make things visible?

Or we can also say

(How are we able to see different objects?)


This flow chart explains it well



We are able to see an object when light from an object enters our eyes

This light can be

Emitted by object(These are called Luminous Object)


Reflected by Object(These are called Non Luminous Object)

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