What is dispersion of light?

Splitting up of white light into seven different colours on passing through a transparent medium is called Dispersion of Light.


Rainbow- it is a natural phenomena in which sunlight is split up into different colors Different Colors of a Rainbow - Teachoo.png


Is Sunlight white or coloured?

Sunlight appears white and hence, it is called white light.

But actually made up of 7 colours

V Violet
I Indigo
B Blue
G Green
Y Yellow
O Orange
R Red

Different Colors of Sunlight - Teachoo.png

Activity to see dispersion of light

We follow these steps

  • Take a glass bowl
  • Fill it with water
  • Put mirror in it
  • Place it near the window so that sunlight falls on it
  • it is reflected on wall
  • We see different colors

Dispersion of Light Activity - Teachoo.jpg

Note: This is possible because mirror in water forms a prism

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