What is regular reflection

When rays of light falls on smooth surface,they are reflected parallely

So we are able to clearly see reflection


Rays of light on mirror is regular reflection because mirror is smooth



What is irregular reflection or diffused reflection

When rays of light fall on rough or irregular surface,the light reflects on different directions

They are not parallel

Hence reflection is not clear


We are not able to see our image on plastic clearly because it is not as smooth as mirror

Diffused or Irregular Reflection - Teachoo.jpg

Difference between Regular and Diffused Reflection


Regular Reflection

Irregular/Diffused Reflection

Rays of light falls on smooth surface

Rays of light falls on irregular surface

Rays are reflected parallely

Rays are reflected in different directions

Reflection is clear 

Reflection is not clear

It is produced in smooth surfaces like mirror, highly polished surfaces

It is produced in rough surfaces like paper, cardboard, unpolished objects


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