Sudden shaking or trembling of earth is called Earthquake.

It lasts for a very short time.

It is caused by deep disturbance within the earth's crust.


Damages caused by Earthquake

Damage to Building and Property

Many buildings, dams,bridges are damaged because of earthquake



Loss of Life

Many plants, animals and human beings die because of earthquake


Cause Floods, Tsunamis,Landslides

Earthquakes cause sea level to rise causing Tsunamis


Earthquake in mountain areas may cause rocks to fall causing landslide



How are Earthquakes Caused?

It is caused by brushing or collision of different plates of earth's crust.

This brushing or collision cause disturbance which leads to earthquake



Earth has different layers like inner core, outer core, mantle and crust.



The outermost layer is called the crust

The crust is not in one piece

It is fragmented into different parts

These parts are called plates

These plates are not stationary(they keep on moving)

When one plate comes near another plate, it either collides with it or brushes apart

This brushing or collision causes disturbance which leads to earthquake


Note : Tremors on earth can also be caused when a volcano erupts or a big meteorite hits the earth or an underground nuclear explosion is carried out.



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