It depends upon whether we are indoor or outdoor


If we are indoor(inside house or building)


Avoid contact with Electric Wires and Metals

It is because they are a good conductor of electricity

No Bathing

Bathing should be avoided to avoid contact with running water (tap water is a good conductor of electricity)

Unplug Computer /TV

Electrical appliances should be switched off as current can pass through it

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If we are Outdoor:


Avoid Open Vehicles

Bikes,tractors and other open vehicles should be avoided as lightning may fall on us.
However, Car, bus etc are safe as they are not open.

So, we should avoid bikes, tractors, open cars


Avoid Open Fields and elevated places

There is more chance of lightning falling on elevated places than on low lying places.


If in a forest, take shelter under Shorter trees

Longer trees have more chance of getting struck by lightning which might burn the tree.


Avoid using Umbrella

Lightning may strike the top end of the metal rod of an umbrella and thus cause harm to us



Sit in a squatting position with head between hands.

This will reduce target for lightning to strike




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