State any five important features of federalism.



Points to Remember

Key Features of Federalism

  1. Two or more levels of the govt.
  2. Different tiers govern the same citizens, but each tier has separate jurisdiction.
  3. Jurisdiction for each level is clearly specified.
  4. No fundamental provision of the constitution cannot be changed unilaterally.
  5. Courts have the power to interpret the Constitution .

Answer to be written

Key elements and features of federalism are as follows-

  1. Two or more levels (also known as tiers ) of government.

  2. The same citizens are governed by various levels of government , but each level has exclusive jurisdiction over areas of law, taxation, and administration.

  3. The jurisdictions , i.e. the area over which someone has legal authority defined in terms of geographical boundaries or in terms of certain kinds of subjects , of the specific level is specified in the constitution.

  4. It is not possible for one level of government to unilaterally alter the fundamental rules of the constitution . Both governmental levels must approve of such adjustments.

  5. Courts have the authority to interpret the constitution and the authority of various governmental levels. If disagreement s occur between several levels of government as they use their distinct powers, the highest court serves as a mediator.

  6. For each level of government to maintain its financial independence, the sources of revenue are clearly identified .
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