Match the following:

Column I

Column II

I. Union List

1. Computer-related matter

II. State List

2. Forest

III. Concurrent List

3. Police

IV. Residuary Matters

4. Defence


1. I-D  II-C  III-B   IV-A

2. I-A  II-B  III-C   IV-D

3. I-C  II-D  III-A   IV-B

4. I-B  II-A  III-C   IV-D



So, the correct answer is (A): I-D, II-C, III-B, IV-A


  • Union list includes the subjects of national importance such as defense, foreign affairs, banking, communications, and currency.
    Thus, I matches with D

  • State List includes the subjects of state and local importance are included.such as police , trade, commerce, agriculture, and irrigation.
    Thus, II matches with C.

  • Concurrent list includes the subjects of mutual interest to both- the Union and the State govt such as education, forests , trade unions, marriage, adoption, and succession.
    Thus,  III matches with B

  • Residuary matters include the subjects not included in three lists or subjects like computer software that came up after the Constitution was made.
    Thus, IV matches with A
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