It means sharing of power among the levels i.e. central, state, regional, and local governments.  


A jurisdiction is a state or other area in which a particular court and system of laws have authority. 


The process of enrolling, enacting, or promulgating law by a legislative body. 

Coalition Government

A government is formed by coming together of at least two political parties.

Scheduled languages 22 languages that are listed in the Eighth Schedule of the Constitution are known as the scheduled languages.
Union Lists It includes subjects of national importance such as defense, foreign affairs, banking, communication, and currency.
State Lists It includes subjects of state and local importance such as police, trade, commerce, agriculture, and irrigation.
Concurrent List It includes subjects of mutual interest to both the Union and the State govt such as Education, forests, trade unions, marriage, adoption, and succession.
Gram Sabha The body that supervises the gram panchayats.
Panchayat Samiti It is a local government body at the tehsil or taluka level in India, which is a link between Gram Panchayat or Zila Parishad.
Zila Parishad All the panchayat samitis or mandals in a district together constitute the Zilla Parishad.


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