Importance of Manufacturing

  • In general, the manufacturing sector is considered the backbone of economic development in particular because of the following reasons:
    • The manufacturing sector helps modernise the agriculture sector , which is the backbone of our economy . It also reduces the dependency of people on agriculture by providing them employment in the secondary and tertiary sectors.
    • Industrial development helps in the eradication of poverty and unemployment . This was the main philosophy behind the public sector industries and joint sector ventures in India. I t also aimed to bring down regional disparities by establishing industries in tribal and backward areas.
    • The export of manufactured goods expands trade and commerce and brings in foreign exchange.
    • Countries that can transform their raw materials into a wide variety of finished goods of a higher value are considered prosperous . India’s prosperity lies in increasing and diversifying its manufacturing industries .

Agriculture and industries move together.

  • For instance, 
    • The agro-industries have given a boost to agriculture by raising its productivity .
    • Industries depend on agriculture not only for raw materials but also to sell their products like pesticides , fertilisers , insecticides , machines and tools etc.
  • Thus, manufacturing industries have not only assisted agriculturists in increasing their production but also made the production process more efficient .
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