Explain with examples any five factors that are responsible for industrial location.



Points to remember

  1. Availability of raw material at cheap cost
  2. Availability of infrastructure to transport finished goods.
  3. Availability of power resources like coal and oil
  4. Availability of skilled labour
  5. Availability of services like banking, insurance, transport, labour, consultants and financial advisors and friendly government policies

Answer to be written

Industrial locations are complex in nature and can be influenced by many factors some of them are:

  1. Availability of raw materials : Industries tend to locate at those locations where large quantities of raw materials are available at a low price or near the source of raw materials to save transportation cost . Cotton industries are located in Maharashtra and jute textile mills are located in West Bengal due to the availability of raw materials.

  2. Availability of infrastructure : To save cost on transportation industries require developed infrastructure for the quick transportation of raw materials, workers and finished goods.

  3. Availability of power resources : Industries require resources like coal and oil to produce goods. Industries tend to locate near the coal fields . Paper mills and aluminium industries are located near hydroelectric stations.

  4. Availability of skilled labour : To save cost industries tend to locate where there is an availability of cheap and skilled labour . Glass Industry in Firodabad and the sports goods industry in Jalandhar are located because of the availability of skilled labour.

  5. Government policies and availability of other services : Apart from the above-mentioned factors government policies and availability of other services like banking, insurance etc also play an important role in the location of an industry. Industries need fewer restrictions and friendly government policies to run smoothly.

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