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Prudential Reasons- 

These reasons are based on the idea that power-sharing will bring out better outcomes.

  • Power sharing is necessary to avoid and resolve conflicts and ethnic differences among different social groups.
  • Ensures stability of political orde r
  • In the short term, it may seem appealing to impose the majority community's will over others, but in the long run, it weakens the solidarity and value of democracy in the country. Therefore power-sharing becomes essential.

Moral Reasons-

These reasons emphasize the very act of power sharing as valuable.

  • Power sharing forms the spirit of a democratic nation.
  • Sharing power with individuals who are impacted by a rule's application and must contend with its consequences is a key component of a democratic system.
  • People have the right to input into how they will be governed. Citizens must have a stake in the government through participation for it to be considered legitimate.
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