This question was asked in [Board Term–II, OD Set-I, II, III, 2016]

“The plantation workers in Assam had their own understanding of Mahatma Gandhi and the notion of Swaraj”. Support the statement with arguments.



Points to Remember 

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 “The plantation workers in Assam had their  own understanding of Mahatma Gandhi and  the notion of Swaraj”: 

    1. Freedom meant the right to move freely.
    2. Retaining a link with the village.
    3. lnland Emigration Act
    4. Workers defied the authorities .
    5. Left the plantation and headed home.
    6. Gandhi Raj was coming.

We use any 3 points and elaborate on them  

Answer to be written in the exam

  1. For the plantation workers in Assam , freedom meant the right to move freely in and out the confined space in which they were enclosed.
  2. Under the Inland Emigration Act of 1859, plantation workers were not permitted to leave the tea gardens without permission, and in fact they were rarely given such permissions.
  3. After hearing of the Non-cooperation movement , thousands of workers defied the authorities. They left the plantation and headed home .
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