Observe the segment of mRNA given below.

Question 32Choice 1 - Observe the segment of mRNA given below - teachoo.jpg

(a) Explain and illustrate the steps involved to make fully processed hnRNA?

(b) Gene encoding RNA Polymerase I and III have been affected by mutation in a cell. Explain its impact on the synthesis of polypeptide, stating reasons.



(a) The hnRNA undergoes processes called capping and tailing followed by splicing .In capping, an unusual nucleotide is added to the 5¢-end of hnRNA methyl guanosine triphosphate.In tailing, adenylate residues (about 200–300) are added at 3¢-end in a template independent manner.Now the hnRNA undergoes a process where the introns are removed and exons are joined to form mRNA called splicing.

Question 32Choice 1 - The hnRNA undergoes - teachoo.jpg

(b) The process of translation will not happen, thus the polypeptide synthesis is stopped/ hampered.

The reason for the above is:

RNA polymerase I transcribes rRNAs which is the cellular factory for protein synthesis.

RNA polymerase III helps in transcription of tRNA which is the adaptor molecule/ that transfers amino acids to the site of protein synthesis.

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