(a) Identify the polarity of x to x’ in the diagram below and mention how many more amino acids are expected to be added to this polypeptide chain.

Question 24 - Identify the polarity of x to x in the diagram - teachoo.jpg

(b) Mention the codon and anticodon for alanine.

(c) Why are some untranslated sequences of bases seen in mRNA coding for a polypeptide? Where exactly are they present on mRNA?



  1. x to x’ is 5′———– > 3′
    No more amino acids will be added
  2. GCA  Anticodon is CGU
  3. The untranslated regions are required for an efficient translation process. They are present before the initiation codon at the 5’ – end and after the stop/termination codon, at the 3’ – end
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