State the agent(s) which helps in pollinating in the following plants. Explain the adaptations in these plants to ensure pollination:

  1. Corn
  2. Water hyacinth
  3. Vallisneria



  1. Corn: Wind. Numerous flowers are packed in an inflorescence; the tassels seen in the corn cob are the stigma and style which wave in the wind to trap pollen grains.
  2. Water hyacinth: Insects or wind. In water hyacinth the flowers emerge above the level of water and are pollinated by insects or wind as in most of the land plants.
  3. Vallisneria: Water, In Vallisneria - the female flower reaches the surface of water by the long stalk and the male flowers or pollen grains are released onto the surface of water. They are carried passively by water currents; some of them eventually reach the female flowers and the stigma.

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