Carefully observe the given picture. A mixture of DNA with fragments ranging from 200 base pairs to 2500 base pairs was electrophoresed on agarose gel with the following arrangement.

Question 27 - Carefully observe the given picture - teachoo.jpg

(a) What result will be obtained on staining with ethidium bromide? Explain with reason.

(b) The above set-up was modified and a band with 250 base pairs was obtained at X.

Question 27 - What result will be - teachoo.jpg

What change(s) were made to the previous design to obtain a band at X? Why did the band appear at the position X?



(a) No bands will be obtained as/All DNA will be seen in the well only;

DNA fragments being negatively charged will not move towards -ive end/ cathode. DNA being negatively charged will remain stationed at the positive end/ anodeend of the agar block;


(a) Position of the positive terminal/ end/ anode and the negative terminal/ end/ cathode was inter-changed

(ii) The fragment with least base pairs will get separated faster and move faster to the anode end.

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