Given below are four contraceptive methods and their modes of action. Select the correct match:

S. No. Method S. No Mode of action
a Condom i

Ovum not able to reach Fallopian

b Vasectomy ii Prevents ovulation
c Pill iii Prevents sperm reaching the cervix
d Tubectomy iv Semen contains no sperms

(a) a)–(i) b)–(ii) c)– (iii) d)–(iv)

(b) a)–(ii) b)–(iii) c)–(iii) d) – (i)

(c) a)–(iii) b)–(iv) c)–(ii) d)–(i)

(d) a)–(iv) b)–(i) c)– (iii) d)–(ii)



C. a) - iii, b) - iv, c) - ii, d) - i

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