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  1. Plants absorb minerals and nutrients from soil through the roots.
  2. As a result the amount of nutrients in the soil decreases .
  3. Nutrients such as Potassium, Nitrogen, Phosphorus need to be added to the soil           periodically.
  4. Nutrients are replenished in the soil by adding fertilisers and manure .
  5. Nitrogen can be replenished in the soil by growing leguminous crops like pulses, pea, moong gram after harvesting.
  6. Rhizobium bacteria cannot make their own food so it lives in roots of leguminous plants.They convert nitrogen present in atmosphere to a usable form and in return plants provide bacteria with food and shelter.
  7. Thus, they form a symbiotic relationship.
  8. They can reduce the use of Nitrogenous fertilisers where leguminous plants are grown

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