Class 7
Chapter 1 Class 7 - Nutrition in Plants

Potatoes and ginger are both underground parts that store food. Where is the food prepared in these plants?



In both the plants, the shoot system and leaves are above ground . They prepare the food through photosynthesis in their leaves and transport it to the underground part for storage.


Which parts of the plant are called food factories of the plant?



Leaves are referred to as food factories of plants as leaves synthesise food for plants by the process of photosynthesis.


Name the bacteria that can fix atmospheric nitrogen.



Rhizobium is the bacterium that fixes atmospheric nitrogen . It resides in the roots of leguminous plants.


Why are Algae green in colour?



Algae contain chlorophyll which imparts green colour to them.


Why is  a boiled leaf used for testing the presence of starch?



Boiling the leaf removes chlorophyll /green colour from the leaves.

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