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Different organisms reproduce by different methods suitable to their body designs.

(i) Justify the above statement using examples of three different organisms which reproduce by different methods of asexual reproduction.

(ii) Differentiate between sexual and asexual modes of reproduction.



(i) Examples of different organisms which reproduce by different methods of asexual reproduction are:

  • Amoeba - It reproduces by binary fission. In binary fission, the parent organism splits to form two new cells.
  • Plasmodium - It reproduces by multiple fission. In multiple fission, the parent organism splits to form many new organisms at the same time.
  • Hydra - It reproduces by budding. In budding, a small part of the parent organism grows out as a bud , which then detaches and grows into a new organism.
  • Planaria - It reproduces by regeneration. In regeneration, a small cut body part of an organism grows into a complete organism.
  • Spirogyra - It reproduces by fragmentation. In fragmentation, the body of a simple multicellular organism breaks into two or more pieces upon maturing and each piece grows into a new organism.
  • Bryophyllum - It reproduces by vegetative propagation. In vegetative propagation, new plants are obtained from parts of old plants like stems,roots and leaves.


Asexual Reproduction

Sexual Reproduction

Involves only a single parent organism.

Involves 2 parent organisms of opposite sex.

Fusion of gametes does not take place.

Involves fusion of male and female gametes.

Produces offspring identical to parent.

Offspring will have some characters from the male parent and some characters from the female parent.


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