This question asked in [CBSE Outside Delhi Set - III, 2017]

The following paragraph has not been edited. There is an error in each line. Write the error and its correction as shown in the example.  

Error   Correction 

My meetings of Mother had always   e.g.   of          with 

been a finer experience. I                    1.    ___         ___ 

would go to him whenever I was         2.    ___         ___ 

sad, happy and angry. Sometimes     3.    ___          ___ 

I would told her what somebody.        4.    ___          ___ 

had said to me. 

1.(A) fines (B) fine (C) find (D) finest 

2.(A) he (B) her (C) she (D) them 

3.(A) as (B) or (C) nor (D) both 

(A) told (B) tell (C) tells (D) telling



  Error  Correction 
1 finer (B) fine
2 him (B) her
3 and (B) or
4 told (B) tell



  1. Finer- “Finer” is the second (comparative) degree of comparison and is used when a comparison is made and there is no comparison in the passage. So, the correct word is “fine”.
  2. Him- The pronoun ‘him’ is  used when we are talking about things related to a man (masculine gender) but mother is feminine. So, the correct word is “her”.
  3. And- “And” is used when two events occur simultaneously and not when only one event out of many will occur. So, the correct word is “or”.
  4. Told- “Told” is the second form of the verb and is not used with would. So, the correct word is “tell”.

Thus, the correct paragraph is

My meetings with Mother had always

been a fine  experience. I

would go to her whenever I was

sad, happy or angry. Sometimes

I would tell her what somebody.

had said to me. 

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